Don Sauer
1624 Coraltree Place
San Jose, Cal 95131

Career summary
Have 30 years experience at leading edge Analog/Mixed Signal IC design.
Specialize in the "go where no man has gone before" projects.
Have won Innovation awards and cover stories in trade magazines.
Presently have 45 patents. Two pending online. Have just received a patent
on a modification to Ohm's Law.

BSEE, San Jose State University 1973 3.74/4.0 (top of class)
MSEE, San Jose State University 1981 4.00/4.0

Professional Highlights
* 2010 Built the world's first working Rectifier Less Bidirectional Ac to DC converter.
* 2009 Website is currently seeing strong growth among universities and corporations.
* 2008 Have invented several unusually empowering Mixed Signal circuits for IC design.
* 1998 Electronic Products Product of the year award for LMC2001 (7 patents)
* 1998 EDN Innovation of the year award for LMC2001 which took second place.
* 1994 Electronic Design May issue cover story for LM6142 Op amp Family (3 patents)
* 1988 Popular Electronic OTA articles are verbatim copies of my LM13700/LM13600 datasheets.
* 1981 IEEE Consumer Electronics August paper for An Integrated AM Stereo Decoder(3 patents)
* Have won first/second/third place at National Semiconductor patent of the year award.
* Became a member of National Semiconductors Inventers Hall of Fame at 20 patents.

Analog Design Integrated Circuit World Firsts
*US Patent 8335096 Invented a simple rectifierless bidrectional AC <=> DC converter.
*US 12,839,890 Invented a simulated resistor which transfers all its energy efficiently
*US Patent 7839317 Invented a fast and simple asynchronous level sensing ADC.
*US Patent 7622991 Found a transconductance signal format to maintain such amplifiers at
their optimum performance levels in terms of gain, noise, frequency
response, distortion, impedance, and DC offset.
*US Patent 7463094 First low distortion transconductance input to stage to exceed the
signal to Noise ratio of a two transistor differential input stage.
* ADCV0831 First 8bit ADC in a S0T_23 package
* LMC2001->LMP2011 First Complete self contained chopper Amp in a SOT_23 package.
* LM6142/32/52 First RRIO Amplifier family with low supply current and high speed.
* LMC1991->LMC1982. First Mixed signal digitally controlled tone/volume fade/balance IC.
* LM1981 First AM Stereo Integrated circuit.
* LM13600/LM13700 First stereo transconductance amplifiers.
* LM1850->LM1851. First three GFIC ICs. Unpatented invention found in most GFICs.

Professional Experience
2004 - now Analog/Mixed Signal circuit Inventor/Website Author, San Jose, CA
1992 - 2004 National Semiconductor Amplifier IC design, Santa Clara, CA
1990 - 1992 Silicon Systems, Bay Area Design Center, Santa Clara, CA
1973 - 1990 National Semiconductor Audio IC design, Santa Clara, CA

Articles about there being a shortage of Analog Engineers in Silicon Valley are not appreciated.

The following Silicon_Valley_companies/Head_hunters have received the resume above.
"Not being a good match" apparently invalidates any real Analog IC design experience.
Apparently the whole story is not being told.

I have personal experience in the actual hiring of engineers for National Semiconductor.
Some engineers were a mistake to hire, some not. The one type of engineer nobody will regret
hiring is a craftsman. A craftsman engineer likes to build things. They like to
add quality. They like to work on things that actually make life better. You don't have to
push craftsmen in any way. Simply point them in the direction of something you know they will like,
and then stand back. And utilize the fact that they love to please everyone, especially their bosses,
who should learn how to use the power of suggestion.

From my experience, I would never hire an engineer based upon his ability to sell himself.
That is a great way to hire a Wally like in the Dilbert cartoon strip. In fact, the resumes of
those out of work for some time would be sought out. What one does when there is nobody pushing
them is a great indicator of whether an engineer is a craftsman or not. And what a person is
motivated to actually do, is far more important than how well an engineer can convince you
he is knowledgeable or smart. If someone can BS their way into a job, they most certainly
can BS their way out of doing any actual work. And their good at avoiding layoffs as well.

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