Can't find your 3D glasses?

How often does it happen that you come across a 3D image and you can't find

your glasses? The following are gimp scripts have been written to convert

red and blue images into stereo images. 


The script files are located here. Provided one has read up enough on 

Gimp to know how to install script files, the 3D scripts will be found

in the menu here.  


The Beatles file is included. After loading the file and selecting

from the menu, the following window will pop up.  


Select a comfortable Eye spacing which determines how far apart the stereo

images will be. The parallel output is below.


The cross eyed version whose output is shown below is done with a different script. 


Gif images are indexed, this will cause the 3D menu items to be disabled. 


The problem is easily fixed by changing the mode of the image from indexed to 



Because human eye spacing is limited, landscape style images tend to get

scaled down. 




There is an added bonus. Gimp can save files as a Gif movie too. Some details on how
to do this can be found here.



Don Sauer